Scenic Cruises

Circumnavigate Tasmania

If you have your own seaworthy yacht or cruiser and would like to join up with others like yourself who enjoy life on the high seas, the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania has just the cruise for you. Each year they embark on a 25-day, 800 nautical mile Van Diemen's Land Circumnavigation Cruise. The number of vessels invited to join the flotilla is limited to 45 and is always over-subscribed. Participants are guided around the shores of Tasmania by locals who know the coastline well. The cruise includes beach barbecues, visits to friendly fishing ports and yacht clubs along the way, a complementary manual of cruise information, a Tasmanian National Parks pass, and 2 tickets to an end-of-cruise dinner in Hobart.

Spirit of Tasmania

Whilst not being what one normally deems a coastal cruise to be, the daily journey of the Bass Strait ferry between Melbourne (Vic) and Devonport (Tas) is included here because it does afford the opportunity to sail along sections of the coast of two Australian states. The current Bass Strait ferries, Spirit of Tasmania I and II, are each capable of an 11 hour crossing of Bass Strait, enabling an overnight return service in each direction every 24 hours. In peak periods, both ferries do a day and night crossing on selected days. The largest car ferries to operate in Australian waters, they offer a variety of accommodation for the 11 hour journey between Melbourne and Devonport from fully equipped cabins to sleeper seats.

Cataract Gorge

Cataract Gorge is Launceston's own little piece of wilderness, a unique natural formation of sheer cliffs and cascades just 15 minutes walk from the city centre. Visitor facilities include walking and hiking trails, the world's longest single span chairlift, swimming pool, restaurant, kiosk, peacocks and wildlife, gardens, a suspension bridge, Interpretation Centre and lookouts with spectacular views. Cruise vessels ply Cataract Gorge daily.

Arthur River Cruise

Cruising the Arthur River on board the historic M.V. George Robinson is a truly Tasmanian experience. This cruise offers a warm and friendly atmosphere, old world charm, natural beauty and local knowledge. the cruise covers 15kms along Arthur River, first to the river mouth then upstream past the Arthur and Frankland river junction before continuing on to Warra Landing for lunch at one of Australia's most isolated restaurants. It is situated in the stunning rainforest on the banks of the river. Highlights of the 5 hour cruise include guided tours, morning tea, full lunch, optional walks, a chance to see and feed Sea Eagles, spot local wildlife.

Bruny Island Coastal Cruise

The coastline of Tasmania's south east corner is one of the most spectacular in Australia. It is also one of the easiest to access, thanks to a number of cruise operators who take visitors along this spectacular strip of coast. Bruny Island Cruises runs a three hour cruise which takes passenger close to sea and coastal wildlife (coastal wildlife such as seals, dolphins, whales, albatross and other seabirds), cliff faces, sea-caves, as well as scooting through the narrow gap between the coast and The Monument, which is a tall and slender sea stack. Sitting at the bottom of Bruny Island's towering sea cliffs, it is not unusual to be surrounded by thousands of seals or watch dolphins surf on the bow wave of the boat.

Tarkine Wilderness Cruise

The Tarkine, in Tasmania's North west, is one of the most accessible wilderness regions in the world. One of the best ways to experience is aboard Arcadia II, a magnificent 17m craft built of huon pine in 1939, which offers spectacular cruising on the Pieman River. Based at Corinna, she has a leisurely cruising speed of 9 knots. This cruise is a magical experience, providing an excellent commentary, stunning reflections, freedom from other vessels and a truly personal experience with the river and rainforest. It passes close to the wreck of the SS Croydon at the mouth of the Savage River and to Lover's Falls near the mouth of the Donaldson.

Sail The Derwent

Sail the Derwent River on a luxury 62-foot maxi racer/cruiser, a veteran of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. The 3-hour sail takes in one of the largest and most beautiful natural harbours in the world, with spectacular views of Hobart and Mt Wellington. The best Tasmanian fare will be provided as refreshments along with tea, coffee, water and non-alcoholic beverages. You can try your hand by participating in the sailing, or just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Gordon River

No visit to the west coast of Tasmania is complete without a cruise on Macquarie Harbour and the ancient, mirror like water of the Gordon River. This magnificent waterway was the subject of international attention in the early 1980s when conservationists stopped the building of a dam across the river. The waters of this river meander down from the Central Highlands, through breathtaking a World Heritage-listed temperate rainforests to the mouth of Macquarie Harbour. A huge natural protected body of water, Macquarie Harbour surrounds the ruins of Tasmania's most infamous convict stations in the south and gives way to the wild ocean through the narrow and turbulent Hell's Gates.

Huon Valley Jet Boat Cruise

The combination of travelling at turbo Speeds and acress the tranquil waters of one of Tasmania more picturesque rivers is what makes a jet boat on the Huon River a memorable experience. It is the balance between thrills and beauty that sets the Huon Jet apart from other jet boat rides. Both aspects of the jet boat ride will take your breath away. The ride lasts for 35 minutes and in this time you will see 12 kilometres of the majestic Huon River. Your driver will occasionally stop at various points along the river to tell you a little bit about the history of the area and provide a commentary about the river itself. Its a thrilling ride along an ever changing riverscape.

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