Trail of The Tin Dragon

Spanning the rugged North-East from Launceston to St Helens, the Trail of the Tin Dragon winds its way through stunning scenery and historic townships. The Trail tells the story of tin mining in the North East of Tasmania, focusing on the European and Chinese miners who sought their fortune and risked all for this most remarkable metal.
The Trail of the Tin Dragon is the untold story of the North East of Tasmania. It is a Chinese story.看It is a story of Tin mining, of boom and bust, flood and drought, riches and poverty, hope and despair. 看It is a story of racial hatred and racial harmony. A story of human transience and the power of nature. The trails begins at Launceston, and passes through Branxholm, Derby, Moorina, Pyengana and St Helens.

Anchor Stampers

The ore crushing stampers of the Anchor Tin Mine看are the remains看of one of the largest tin mines in the North-East of Tasmania. 看Once running with a maximum of 100 stampers,看the mine看was first opened in the early 1880?s看and was the largest open cut mine in the world in 1890.看As well as the 100 看stamper battery the mine had a water wheel看66 feet in diameter which is no longer in evidence today.看The stampers can be found north west of St看Helens看on the way to Pyengana.

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